Roots Organic Soilless Cocofiber 1.5 Cubic Feet


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Soilless coco mix by Roots Organics is a perlite and coco medium that is designed to allow easy growing with a natural base. Because of its consistency and ingredients, Soilless give you the ability to feed your plants more nutrients for a maximized yield. Roots Organics Soilless is designed to be used as an inert media.

  • 15 cubic feet
  • Coco and perlite media
  • Promotes maximized yield and feeding
  • CDFA registered organic

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What is Soilless?

Roots Organics Soilless coco mix is specifically engineered to allow you to feed heavier for greater yields, while reducing problems with fertilizer-salt toxicity. Plants need to be fertilized in order to thrive and provide you with larger harvests. Roots Organics Soilless mix allows you the ease of hydroponics with the benefits of a natural and organic soil. Coco fiber is an environmentally friendly growing medium that is quickly becoming known for astounding gardening results. Coco fiber, a by-product of rug and broom-making in East Asia, is a renewable resource.

Roughly a 60/40 perlite/coco mix. Although there are small amounts of bat guano for microbial support, this mix should be treated like an inert media, therefore it is recommended to begin feeding within 2 to 3 days after transplanting.

How to use

For best results, use in conjunction with Aurora Innovations’ nutrients. Roots Organics Soilless mix should be fertilized more than regular soil to fulfill all of your plants’ requirements through their lifecycle. If the growth rate ever slows down in the middle of your plant’s cycle, use a freshwater leaching or leaching solution to clear out excess nutrients. It is important to maintain a pH of 5.5 – 6.5 so that your plants will be capable of efficiently taking in the maximum quantity of nutrients. If you are using a re-circulating system, change reservoirs every seven to ten days


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