Cloning Gels & Solutions

About Cloning Gels & Solutions

Get massive root growth with top notch cloning gels and solutions. These solutions are fortified with root enhancing compounds that trigger large healthy roots. Bigger Roots = Bigger Fruits!

Cloning Gel
A cloning gel such as the Clonex Gel Rooting Compound will promote root growth by providing the your plant roots with much needed nutrients and sometimes hormones while sealing off the cut tissue greatly reducing the chance of embolism or infection.

Cloning Solutions
Instead of being applied as a gel directly to your roots cloning solutions can be sprayed or misted onto your clones and their roots. Cloning solutions can be used independently or in addition to a cloning gel. Clonex Solution is a great example of a cloning solution product.

Cloning / Rooting Hormone Powders
In addition to gels and solutions we also offer a variety of powders and concentrates. A product like our Hormex Rooting Powder #8 allows you to simply dip your clones' roots directly in the powder. We also offer concentrates to make your own cloning solutions such as the popular Hormex Rooting Hormone Concentrate. One gallon of that concentrate can make up to 768 gallons of rooting hormone solution!

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