Olivia’s Cloning Solution

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For mass cloning, look no further than Olivia's Cloning Solution, one of the most popular, easy to use rooting solutions. Olivia's Cloning Solution is excellent for rockwool or soilless media, no cloning machine required. "Goof-proof? formula offers consistent performance, eliminating the need for powders, dips or other fertilizers.

  • Olivia's Cloning Solution can be used to encourage root growth in cloning machines or direct plants in soilless media. 
  • Excellent for mass propagation where a cloning machine would be impractical or time-consuming.

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Olivia’s Cloning Solution is the first and original plant cloning solution developed over 25 years ago for use in hydroponic cloning. Specifically formulated Olivia’s cloning solution stimulates rapid root development for all types of plants with 90%-100% success rate. This amazing root stimulator can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants – be it ornamentals or any and all flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It’s a concentrate, so mix with your own water and integrate into your feeding schedule. This rooting solution feeds new cuttings as they root and eliminate transplant shock for plants. Use Olivia’s cloning solution for stems, leaf, softwood, semi-hard, and some hardwood cuttings. Olivia’s rooting solution is manufactured using finest-quality ingredients. 



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