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About Indoor Garden Grow Pots

Specialized pots and containers for indoor gardens are a must. They keep plants upright to give roots plenty of room to spread, and they are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any plant or growing environment. They are also essential to several hydroponic growing systems that are built around the use of containers.

At HTG Supply, we carry everything from large indoor planters to nursery pots to meet all your indoor gardening needs.

Our Pots and Containers for Indoor Gardening

HTG Supply carries many types of indoor gardening pots and containers, including:

  • Nursery pots: These durable plastic pots have a long-lasting molded construction with large rims for easy handling. HTG Supply sells both round and square nursery pots in numerous grower-friendly sizes.
  • Plant saucers and trays: We carry plant saucers and trays in various shapes and sizes to fit any growing setup. These products are excellent for seed starting and hydroponic applications, and they help you maintain a cleaner garden environment.
  • Air pruning pots: Air pruning pots allow air to pass through them and oxygenate your plants to stimulate root branching. Air pruning encourages lateral root growth for healthier, more robust root systems. We carry air pruning pots from top brands like Oxy Pot, Air-Pot, Smart Pot and Phat Sacks made with advanced designs for even better airflow.
  • Grow bags: We offer heavy-duty grow bags in seven different sizes. These bags are made with a black and white poly material, and they are as much as 50% thicker than other grow bags on the market. Grow bags are also an affordable alternative to pots and containers.
  • Containers for hydroponics: HTG Supply sells numerous indoor gardening containers for hydroponic systems. We have buckets for deep water culture (DWC) systems and flood tables for ebb and flow and drip irrigation systems. We also sell net pots, which are ideal for seed starting and cloning in several hydroponic systems, including drip irrigation, aeroponic and ebb and flow systems. For automated watering, we sell reservoirs in various sizes for use in any hydroponic system.
  • Fabric grow beds: Raised fabric garden beds are high-quality products that will transform your patio, balcony, deck or other common areas into the garden of your dreams. We sell fabric beds in multiple sizes and configurations so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

Tips for Choosing Your Containers

With such a large selection of grow pots available for your indoor garden, you may be wondering how to get started. Before pressing the "buy" button, think through your garden's needs and how you'll be using the containers. Considering your application can help you determine your exact specifications. Follow these tips for getting the right grow pots for your indoor garden:

  • Choose the right sizes: Make sure your plants have enough room to spread their roots! Before you buy a new container, take a look at the plants you'll put in them if you can. Measure their widths. The pot you get should have a diameter at least two to four inches wider than the plant's leaves.
  • Give your plants room to grow: Consider getting more pots than what you need right away, in varying sizes. Once your plants outgrow their current container, you can move them to a new home right away and they can continue growing faster.
  • Don't forget drainage: Ensure your pots have adequate drainage for your chosen plants. HTC Supply's containers have excellent drainage holes to help keep your plants healthy and well-watered.
  • Clean and reuse: If you're planning for your gardening setup to last more than a year, find containers that are durable enough to reuse. At the end of the season, clean them out to remove any traces of disease or infections, then store them away and break them out again when you're ready to replant.

Do You Need a Hydroponic Pot?

Because hydroponic gardening is so much different from traditional gardening, it has its own collection of pots and tools for you to use. Upfront, it can seem like a more considerable investment compared to soil gardening, but in the long run, it can increase your yields and require less maintenance.

In hydroponics, you don't need soil to grow plants. Instead, you infuse water with all the nutrients the plant needs, then feed it to the roots directly. Without soil acting as a medium between the plant and the nutrients, the roots can more effectively take them in. Since they're getting nutrients directly, the plant doesn't have to extend energy branching out its roots in search of them. Instead, it can focus on growing the plant itself and flowering, ultimately leading to a faster harvest.

Since there's no soil to hold the water, you'll need to use a lot more water during the growing process. Thankfully, you can cycle this water and set up a timer system so the plants receive water on a consistent schedule. This is yet another benefit of a hydroponic setup — you can automate it, leaving you more time to invest in other things while getting a faster final result.

If you're going to try your hand at hydroponic gardening, invest in the correct tools from the start so you can begin seeing results as soon as possible. HTC Supply has everything you'll need to get started and be successful in your hydroponic endeavors.

Why Buy Indoor Gardening Pots and Containers From HTG Supply?

At HTG Supply, we pride ourselves on our carefully curated selection of the best containers, planters and pots on the market. All of our supplies provide great value with their quality construction and budget-friendly prices. Whatever type of pot or container you need, chances are we have it in our extensive inventory. If there is a specific brand or product you are looking for, contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right solution.

With our vast selection of quality products, fast shipping times, retail store locations and outstanding customer service, HTG Supply delivers an incredible shopping experience.

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