Tools & Accessories

Tools & Accessories

HTG Supply has all of the indoor gardening supplies you could ever need! We’ve got tools and accessories designed specifically to aid the indoor grower. We carry only the best tools and accessories that we have used for our own indoor gardens and know to be dependable, reliable and useful tools for the indoor gardener. From pruning and cutting tools to indoor gardening books we’ve got all the tools equipment and accessories you could need for your next grow at the lowest prices online!

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HTG Bandanna
HTG Seamless Bandana
Boveda 62 Percent 8 Gram
Boveda 62% RH Packs
Htg Beach Box Closed
HTG Beach Box
HTG Supply Plastic Herb Grinder
HTG Plastic Herb Grinder
Htg Coozie Front Set Up
HTG Koozie
Burp Lids for Mason Jars
Htg Hat Camo Side
HTG Mesh Trucker Hat
HTG Supply T Shirt
XL HTG T-Shirt
Plant YoYo
HTG Supply Plant Yo Yo With Stopper
HTG Supply T Shirt
Large HTG T-Shirt
Disposable Pipette 3Ml
Disposable Pipettes - 3ml
Boveda 58% Humidity 8 Grams
Boveda 58% RH Packs
Htg Supply Trellis Netting
HTG Supply Trellis Netting - 6-Inch Mesh
HMG 90 Degree Plant Bender - 4-6 Millimeter
HTG Plant Markers 25pk
HTG Supply Plant Markers - 25 Pack
Acc Zlsbl010
Skunk Lock Bag - Large
#11 Scalpel
#11 Scalpel
HMG 90 Degree Plant Bender - 6-12 Millimeter
Florasol Spray Bottle - 24oz
Florasol Fine Mist Spray Bottle
Blackout Liner
Blackout Canvas
Dash Black Two Gloves
Black Nitrile Gloves - Latex & Powder Free
Htg Job Web Listing Super Foam Tie2
HTG Super Foam Tie
HTG Supply T Shirt
Small HTG T-Shirt
HTG Supply T Shirt

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