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Water Treatment

Monitoring your water supply is key to pushing your plants to their full potential. Water treatment can be as simple as testing the PPMs of your current water supply or as complex as filtering and pH correcting your tap. Water quality will vary wildly based on your local water authority and well water table, so it is important for growers to be mindful. Before nutrients, supplements, and everything else that is added to nutrient solutions, water is the basis for plant growth alongside light and carbon dioxide. HTG Supply knows how to keep your water clean, shop now across our selection of water treatment options and step up your growing game today.

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Gh Phdown
General Hydroponics pH Down
4 Inch Air Stone
4 Air Stone Cylinder
AgroMax 2 Inch Air Cylinder
AgroMax 2 Inch Air Stone Cylinder
Gh Phup
General Hydroponics pH Up Liquid
Elemental O2 Cylinder 1.7
1.7 Air Stone Cylinder
General Hydroponics Ph Control Kit For Hydroponics
GH pH Control Kit
AgroMax 4 Inch Air Cylinder
AgroMax 4 Inch Air Stone Cylinder
Ph Test Kit
GH pH Test Kit 1oz
Hanna Quick Calibration Solution
Hanna Quick Calibration Solution
Advanced Nutrients Ph Down
Advanced Nutrients pH Down
Advanced Nutrients Ph Up
Advanced Nutrients pH UP
Elemental Air Pump 2 Outlet Gallery
Dual Outlet Air Pump - 40 Gallon Max.
Elemental O2 Cylinder 2
2 Air Stone Cylinder
Grow Rite Hose Filter
Grow Rite Garden Hose Filter
Hanna Groline
Hanna GroLine pH Meter
Pure 100 Reverse Osmosis Filter
PURE 100 Reverse Osmosis / Deionizer System
Gh Calibration Solution 7
GH pH 7.0 Calibration Solution
Hanna Cleaning Solution2
Hanna Cleaning Solution
Hanna 1382 250Ml
Hanna 1382 TDS Calibration Solution
Aeration Stone
6 Inch Air Stone
12 Inch Air Stone
FoxFarm pH Down Quart
Foxfarm Cultivation Nation pH Down - 1 Quart
Hanna Groline Waterproof Ph Meter
Hanna GroLine Waterproof pH Meter
Bluelab Ph Pen
BlueLab pH Pen

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