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About Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lights

Ceramic metal halide (CMH) grow lights are one of the best types of high-intensity discharge (HID) lights available. They are perfect for any growing operation, making them a popular choice among indoor growers.

What Are Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lights?

CMH grow lights are a variation on metal halide (MH) grow lights. The main difference between them is that CMH lights have a ceramic arc tube, while MH lights have quartz glass tubes.

Ceramic tubes can withstand higher temperatures and pressures than quartz glass tubes, which means ceramic tubes provide a superior horticultural spectrum and exceptional efficiency.

CMH lights are also referred to as CDM and LEC grow lights. CDM stands for ceramic discharge metal halide, which is an industry variation for CMH. LEC (light-emitting ceramic) is the name of a popular type of CMH grow lights.

What Are the Advantages of Indoor Ceramic Metal Grow Light Systems?

Ceramic grow light systems offer many advantages over other indoor grow light systems, such as:

Balanced spectrum: CMH lights produce a balanced spectrum for your plants. They offer the best PAR performance, and they generate more growing power at a lower wattage.

High Color Rendering Index (CRI): CRI indicates how the color of a light source changes the way the human eye perceives an object. The higher the CRI value, the more realistic things look. CMH lights have an extremely high CRI of 90 and above, which means they provide natural lighting without making the room look yellow, purple or blue for increased color stability.

Exceptional UV production: CMH grow lights produce an effective amount of UV light, which is highly beneficial to natural plant growth and development.

Long-lasting: The ceramic arc tubes in CMH grow lights offer exceptional breakdown resistance. CMH lights can last more than 24,000 hours while retaining at least 80% of their initial intensity at 20,000 hours. This lifespan is twice as long-lasting as MH and HPS bulbs, which should be replaced after about 10,000 hours.

Why Buy Your Ceramic Glow Light Systems From HTG Supply?

At HTG Supply, we carry premium indoor ceramic and metal grow lights from top brands like Scion, AgroMax and Sun System. Our CMH grow lights for sale offer unbeatable performance for more natural, growth-targeted spectral output. They also have advanced technology to produce higher quality harvests and better yields for successful indoor growing.
HTG Supply is also known as one of the fastest shippers in the industry. When you buy supplies from us online, we ship your products within 24 hours of your order placement. You can typically expect delivery within three days if you live in the continental U.S.

As one of the fastest-growing indoor garden supply stores in the country, we also have retail locations in Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maine, Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma, Michigan and Massachusetts. Feel free to visit one of our stores to see our inventory and get advice from our expert staff.

HTG is proud to offer the best products at affordable prices. Make your purchase today or contact us if you have any questions.

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