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About Air Pruning Pots

Pots are widely used in all kinds of gardens. Many people choose solid plastic or ceramic pots, but plant roots can quickly become stifled in these traditional containers. That's why serious growers choose air pruning pots for better plant growth.

What Are Air Pruning Pots?

Air pruning pots allow air to pass through and oxygenate your plants, which stimulates root branching for an effect known as air pruning.

As your roots grow, they will eventually meet the walls of your container. In traditional plastic and ceramic pots, the roots become tangled as they try to wrap around the inside of the pot. In air pruning pots, the air naturally prunes the old roots and stimulates the growth of new roots that deeply penetrate the soil in all directions. When the roots spread throughout the soil, they can better absorb nutrients and water for improved plant growth.

The increased airflow in an air pruning pot also helps cool your plants so they do not start to bake. Heat escapes through the porous fabric of air root pruning containers, while traditional pots retain heat. Because they are made with a porous material, air pruning pots also allow water to drain so that the soil does not become oversaturated.

Air pruning pots are sometimes referred to as air pots, not to be confused with the trademarked Air-Pot brand.

Air Pruning Pots for Sale From HTG Supply

We sell air pruning pots from several industry-leading brands, including:

Ultra Oxy Pots: These innovative pots offer the drainage and root-enhancing capabilities of fabric pots with the durability of plastic containers. They are made from plastic molded walls that have small openings for air. When the roots reach these openings, they die off. New roots then develop for robust secondary growth, which allows your plants to absorb more nutrients. Ultra Oxy Pots also have a unique collapsable design for easy storage and reduced transplant shock.

Air-Pot: Air-Pot containers provide superior root-zone aeration for hydroponic applications. They have contoured and perforated sidewalls that maximize root growth and prevent root spiraling and binding. They are also an excellent choice for transplanting cuttings and seedlings.

Phat Sacks: These top-tier fabric pots offer enhanced durability for use over multiple planting seasons. They have a lightweight construction and collapsable design, so transporting and storing these pots is simple.

Smart Pots: Smart Pots fabric containers improve aeration, release heat and prevent root circling for optimal plant growth. They work well with any grow medium, making them an excellent choice for many different applications.

Why Buy Air Pruning Pots From HTG Supply?

When you shop at HTG Supply, you will find all the best air pruning pots at affordable prices. We are a one-stop shop for all your indoor garden supply needs with grow tents, indoor grow lights and a variety of nutrients and other essentials for growing operations. You will also benefit from our fast shipping and expert service for a superior shopping experience.

Look for a store near you or browse our inventory online to find the perfect solutions for your indoor garden.

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