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Seed Starting Supplies

Seed Starting Supplies

What’s the first step in growing almost anything? Starting it from seed of course! HTG Supply carries a wide selection of seed starting equipment for you to get growing ASAP. Whether you’re looking to clone into rockwool, start into peat plugs, or just need some replacement supplies. Seed starting supplies make it easy to start seeds en masse without the need to plant directly into final potting containers.

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Agromax Nursery Flat Tray
AgroMax Nursery Flat Tray
Agromax Accelerooterseed Starting Tray
Accelerooter 55 Site Floating Seed Starter Tray
Cultiwool Mini Cubes - 1.5 Inch
Cultiwool Mini Rockwool Cubes - 1.5 Inch
Rw Aok Plugs
Grodan A-Ok 1.5 Inch Starter Plugs Sheet of 98
Rockwool Minicubes
Rockwool / Stonewool 1.5 Inch Cubes - 45 Pack