Cultiwool 84 Piece Rockwool Starter Sheet – 1.5 Inch

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The Cultiwool 1.5" Seed Starter Sheet kick starts your propagation with RHP-certified stonewool starter blocks. A sheet contains 84 plugs made with the highest quality stonewool currently on the market, providing the perfect microclimate for your seeds to thrive. Each plug is firm with uniformity throughout for full control of water and nutrient application. Cultiwool's stone wool gives you better quality and yields, well-defined root systems, and more.  

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Cultiwool 84 Piece Rockwool Starter Sheet – 1.5 Inch

Cultiwools’ high-quality stone wool starter plugs are the best way to start your propagation. They provide the perfect microclimate for good germination of the seeds or a fast development of the cuttings, which is a decisive factor for successful crop production.

Cultiwool starter blocks are known for their uniformity and firmness and are ideal for growing crops in a hydroponic system. Our high-quality stone wool is a clean and inert product. This means it doesn’t contain any harmful bacteria or pollutants which can affect root- and shoot development. It does not lock up or release any substances, ensuring all water and nutrients are available to the plant.


A homogeneous stone wool product is essential for unrestricted and regular root growth. Cultiwool stonewool produced in Europe is the highest quality stonewool in the market for hydroponic systems. Stonewool used in Cultiwool is certified by RHP. Therefore Cultiwool offers maximum uniformity to optimally control water and nutrient application. The result is a uniform crop that will result in higher yields, better quality, and less energy usage.

Fast Uptake of Water

Reliable initial saturation is key to avoiding dry spots in the substrate. Dry spots will create salt build up which results in an unbalanced block and should be avoided at all times. Cultiwool substrates have a faster and easier water uptake due to the high quality of stonewool.

Total control

Water, EC, and pH distribution can be very well controlled with Cultiwool rock wool substrates, both vegetative and generative, depending on the needs of the crop and at different moments during the cultivation.




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