Accelerooter Starter Plugs – 25 Pack



Start seedlings and cuttings faster and stronger with all-natural AcceleRooter rooting plugs! Earth friendly AcceleRooter plugs are made of soilless organic bark material that holds the optimal air to water ratio for rapid rooting of seedlings or clones.
• Start seeds or clones | soil or hydro! • All natural | charged with starter nutrients • Perfect for use with any starting cell tray inserts • Contains 25 individual plugs  

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Accelerooter 25-Pack Starter Plugs

Each AcceleRooter rooting plug is infused with a starter charge of nutrients to stimulate fast and healthy root growth. Their sponge-like consistency also protects the delicate root structures of young plants to ensure safe transplanting into soil, soiless or hydroponic grow medium with no mess. Use AcceleRooter plugs to jumpstart your seedlings and clones for healthier and more vigorous plants!

• All-natural rooting plugs with a starter charge of nutrients
• The BEST way to start strong and healthy plants
• Ideal for seedlings and cuttings, hydroponics or soil
• Simple to use, easy to transplant with no mess
• Optimal air to water ratio for accelerated root development

How to use:

1- Insert plugs into starting cells
2- Place starting cells in nursery tray and add approx. ½ inch of water totray. Allow tray of plugs to absorb water.
3- Once plugs are fully saturated, drain excess water from tray. Then insert seeds or cuttings into plugs.
4- Place under sufficient light and check plug moisture daily. Re-moisten as needed by repeating steps 2 & 3.
5- Transplant once seedlings or clones have developed visible root growth.


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Dimensions 7 × 8 × 3 in
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