Grow Light Bulbs & Grow Lamps

HTG Supply has the best selection of grow light bulbs online including  HPS bulbs, MH bulbs, T5 light bulbs, and LED grow light bulbs.  All of the high-output grow light bulbs we offer are engineered specifically for use with grow lights – from our top-shelf grow lamp models to our most economically priced grow bulbs.  No matter what kind of grow lamp you’re looking for, you can be sure you will get one that will produce excellent growth results at HTG Supply.  We carry plant light bulbs from all of the most popular brands including AgroMax, Hortilux, SunMaster, and more, as well as our own HTG Supply brand grow bulbs that offer huge performance and value. We also have the best prices on state of the art grow lamps for induction, DE, and ceramic metal halide grow lights.  You simply won’t find a better selection of specialty light bulbs for plants anywhere else!