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About Grow Light Bulbs and Grow Lamps

HTG Supply has the best selection of grow light bulbs online, including HPS bulbs, MH bulbs, T5 light bulbs andLED grow light bulbs. All the high-output bulbs we offer are engineered for grow lights – from our top-shelf grow lamp models to our most economical grow bulbs. 

No matter what kind of grow lamp you're looking for, you can be sure you will get one that produces excellent growth results. We carry plant light bulbs from popular brands including AgroMax, Hortilux and SunMaster, as well as our own HTG Supply grow bulbs. 

We also have the best prices on state-of-the-art grow lamps for induction, double-ended(DE) and ceramic metal halide lights. You simply won't find a better selection of specialty light bulbs for plants anywhere else!

Our Selection of Light Bulbs and Lamps

We offer an extensive array of grow light bulbs, including: 

  • CMH bulbs: Fit for your ceramic metal halide (CMH) light, CMH bulbs are relatively low heat options for your indoor garden. With a full light spectrum, these bulbs give your plants the look and feel of actual sunlight. If you're hoping to improve the vegetative stage of your growth, CMH light bulbs can help your garden get started. 
  • DE bulbs: Double-ended (DE) light bulbs are fit for long-term gardens that need high-efficiency systems. You can potentially double your output with DE bulbs in your grow room without increasing energy costs. 
  • HPS bulbs: If you use a high-pressure sodium (HPS) system, it may be time to restock with our HPS grow light bulbs. Skilled indoor gardeners love these light systems because of their reliability and the higher output from our trusted brands. Your grow room can thrive with HPS light bulbs as a high-intensity solution.
  • LED bulbs: When you grow plants indoors, you can choose an eco-friendly option like LED bulbs. These give your garden the power of light that you can customize to fit different stages of your process. Many people use LED grow light bulbs for their specific wavelength and full-spectrum light capabilities. These lights are also effective for plants needing cooler, wetter climates.
  • MH bulbs: To give your indoor garden the calm light of late spring, you can shop our selection of metal halide (MH) bulbs. These lights serve systems that promote budding site development so you can start your plants strong. 
  • T5 bulbs: Our T5 grow light bulbs are a classic fixture of any fluorescent lighting system for plants. For years, indoor gardeners have used T5 light systems to create warm, sunny environments in their grow rooms. Save big on our high-output fluorescent lights with our selection of T5 bulbs.

Choose HTG Supply for Your Grow Light Bulb Needs

HTG is a leading distributor of indoor growing supplies, and we specialize in lighting fixtures for growing plants. We have the tools you need to succeed, whether you have a hobby garden or operate as a small business. 

Get assistance from our in-house experts so you can be sure you find the tools you need for your garden to flourish. Shop our full selection of hps and led grow light bulbs to find the right bulbs for your needs!

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