Hortilux 1000w Metal Halide Grow Lamp


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High-intensity and high-output, the Hortilux 1000W MH Grow lamp is a cost-effective lighting solution for indoor growing applications. The exclusive Eye Hortilux spectrum features blue wavelengths that promote rapid vegetative growth in plants. This exclusive spectrum also outperforms your standard MH grow lamp by about 30% due to its consistent spectral output over time. The Hortilux 100ow MH lasts anywhere between 6-12 months, reducing lamp replacement costs and additional maintenance costs.

  • For 1000w enclosed fixtures only
  • Operates in a universal burning position
  • 115,000 initial lumens | 4200k

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Hortilux 1000w Metal Halide Grow Lamp

EYE HORTILUX focuses on designing and manufacturing quality grow lamps, ballasts, and fixtures that produce supplemental or artificial light for indoor plant growth. EYE HORTILUX grow lamps and ballasts are used in a wide variety of indoor growing applications from greenhouse professionals to the home hobbyist.

HORTILUX Metal Halide is a cost-effective line of lamps designed to provide the spectral energy required for vegetative growth. HORTILUX Metal Halide outperforms most grow lamps because of high initial light intensity and consistent output of the exclusive EYE HORTLUX spectrum.

  • Ideal for Vegetative Growth
  • Consistent Spectral Output
  • Produces Faster Growth than Other Standard MH Lamps


For best results, use only with ANSI-rated M47/E.

Use in enclosed fixture only

M1000B/U/BT37/HTL operates in a universal burning position.

Replacement Guide:

  • Optimal Growth: 6-8 Months
  • Average Growth: 9-10 Months
  • Maintenance Growth: 10-12 Months



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Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 in

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