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About Eye Hortilux

EYE HORTILUX is a division of a larger lighting company named EYE Lighting International. The "HORTILUX" in the brand indicates that the EYE HORTILUX brand specializes in horticultural lighting. While many commercially available lights can be effective for growing plants, there's no substitute for a light that was built from the ground up with horticulture in mind. EYE HORTILUX makes grow lights for everyone from the home hobbyist to large greenhouse operations and everything in between. In addition to developing innovative grow lamps, EYE HORTILUX also makes exceptional electronic ballasts to help you maximize your light's output and efficiency. All EYE HORTILUX products are made in the USA in Mentor, Ohio. Another very interesting competitive advantage that EYE HORTILUX products boast is that the company manufactures their own chemistry, giving them much fuller control over the exact spectrum each lamp is capable of generating.

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