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Fabric pots come in different shapes and sizes, and HTG Supply has them all for you to find the perfect container for your garden. With durable fabric and reinforced stitching, the pots you'll find in our store will last season after season without the need to replace. Fabric pots provide a few key advantages over their plastic walled compatriots. Walls and bases of fabric allow for better drainage of water without the need to poke holes, which means your plants are at a lower risk of overwatering and your saucers do not get filled with perlite and soil bits. Roots also are able to be exposed to more oxygen through the fabric walls. As roots grow into the walls, the tips die instead of wrapping themselves around the inside of the container, creating a highly complex and robust root system which leads to better plant growth. HTG Supply has fabric pots for every size and stage of plant growth, shop today to take your planting containers to the next level, only with HTG Supply.

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