Float Valves

About Float Valves

Float valves are vital components in hydroponic systems. If you are building a do-it-yourself (DIY) hydroponic garden from scratch or you need a replacement float valve for your current system, HTG Supply has a wide range of options to meet all your needs. 

What Are Float Valves?

Hydroponic water float valves regulate water flow in your hydroponic system. A float valve has an air-filled bulb or another buoyant object that rises with the water level in your reservoir. The buoyant component connects to a shut-off valve via a rigid stem piece.

As the bulb rises, the stem piece rotates to shut the valve. Once the water reaches a predetermined level in the reservoir, the valve will close completely to stop the water flow. The bulb lowers as your plants absorb the water, and the valve reopens accordingly. This process ensures that your plants always receive the appropriate amount of water, making float valves an ideal choice for systems with a continuous water supply.

Our Float Valves

At HTG Supply, we have numerous hydroponic float valves for sale, including:
Bronze Heavy-Duty Float Valve: Available in short- and long-arm configurations, our Bronze Heavy-Duty Float Valves are perfect for any indoor hydroponic garden. They have a 1/4-inch bronze stem and air-tight float to prevent overfilling.

PURE PVC Mini Float Valve: This short-arm valve is perfect for use with AgroMax PURE Reverse Osmosis Filter systems or control bucket setups.

AutoPot AQUAvalve: This low-maintenance unit controls water flow through the pressure of gravity from a water tank or barrel. It does not require any pumps, electricity or timers to function. Simply keep the AQUAvalve and its tray free from obstruction, and it will keep your plants watered properly.

AutoPot easy2GO hydroponic float valve kit: This kit contains an AutoPot AQUAvalve and all the fittings necessary to connect it to your reservoir. It is a holiday watering kit that keeps your plants watered for weeks without the need for electricity or timers.

Advantages of DIY Hydroponic Systems
If you are struggling to make your indoor garden layout fit a preconfigured system, a DIY method is an excellent alternative.

Constructing a DIY hydroponic system allows you to create a customized solution that will work best for your plants.

At HTG Supply, we carry a large selection of individual DIY parts that you can use to build a system from scratch or to replace parts in your current system. Besides float valves, we also sell:

Fittings and connectors
Air pumps and air stones
Sprayers and misters
Drip irrigation parts
Water pumps

Why Purchase a Hydroponic Float Valve From HTG Supply?

If you are looking to buy water float valves online, HTG Supply carries versatile, affordable products for all hydroponic growers. We are also known as one of the fastest shippers in the hydroponics industry. When you order from us, you can expect timely delivery, typically within a few days.

Shop our extensive selection of hydroponic supplies online today or visit one of our retail store locations if you live nearby.

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