1/4 Inch Heavy Duty Bronze Long Arm Float Valve



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The Bronze Heavy Duty Float Valve is a necessary tool for any water-based indoor grower. The Bronze Heavy Duty Float Valve prevents over-filling by shutting off the water once it reaches its desired height. This Bronze Heavy Duty Float Valve has a 1/4 inch bronze bar.

  • Long Arm Heavy Duty Bronze Float Valve – 1/4″
  • Prevents overfilling container after filtering through reverse osmosis

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Don’t risk a big mess; install a Float Valve in your system today!

The Bronze Heavy Duty Float Valve is the perfect tool for all indoor, water-based growers! Nothing is worse than coming home to find your system overflowed all over your grow room. Not only is it a huge waste of money, but also an unnecessary hassle you would need to deal with. By installing a float valve, you prevent this issue from happening!

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