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Grow Light Ballasts

Browse our selection of grow light ballasts listed below. We only carry ballasts that are specifically designed for use with grow lights, from top brands like AgroMax, Digital Greenhouse, and Growbright. Digital grow light ballasts are used with high intensity grow lights to convert the conventional electricity that comes out of your outlets into the correct voltage to power up and operate your High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Grow Lights. Another purpose of the grow light ballast is for heat control. Having a standalone ballast that is in a separate location from your actual grow lights allows for cooler temperatures near your plants. In many grow rooms temperature and humidity control is a nuisance and a remote grow light ballast certainly helps manage your grow light’s temperature.

Advice On Grow Light Ballasts
Beware of digital electronic grow light ballasts made available in other online hydroponic stores that are made for commercial light applications and not specially designed for grow lights. While those types of ballasts are great for energy efficiency they do so at the sake of your light output which is obviously much more of a priority to growers operating high intensity grow lights like MH or HPS grow lights.

Rest assured that grow light ballasts available for sale in our store are in fact ballasts that have been designed specifically for grow lights. These ensure that you will have maximize the light from your lights and your plants will surely thank you!

Our Digital Greenhouse ballasts are some of our best sellers for good reason. These digital ballasts are extremely efficient while simultaneously maximizing your grow light’s output. All of our Digital Greenhouse ballasts are UL listed for safety and run extremely quiet. Digital Greenhouse Ballasts offer a 5 year warranty with 3 years of complete coverage and an additional 2 year pro-rated warranty. 

Contact Us For More Info on Grow Light Ballasts. If you have any questions regarding our digital grow light ballasts please give us a call at 1-866-710-GROW. We’ll be more than happy to help you with any questions you have regarding purchasing or using your new digital ballast.

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Newest Grow Light Ballasts

Most Popular in Grow Light Ballasts

Ag Hif 1000W Ballast
AgroMax Hi-F 1000w Digital Ballast
High Frequency 600 Watt Digital Ballast Agromax
AgroMax Hi-F 600w Digital Ballast
1000W De Grow Light Digital Greenhouse Free Ship
Digital Greenhouse 1000w DE Grow Light
Digital Greenhouse 1000 Dimmable Ballast
Digital Greenhouse Dimmable 1000 Watt Ballast
Digital Greenhouse 1000 Slim Ballast
Digital Greenhouse 1000 Watt Slim HPS & MH Ballast
Htg 1000 Watt Ballast
HTG Supply 1000 Watt HPS Ballast
Agromax Signature Series 750 De
AgroMax Signature 600/750w Double Ended Grow Light
From: $48.99
Hypar 315 Ballast
AgroMax HyPAR 315w CDM / CMH Ballast
1000w GB Switchable Ballast
GrowBright Professional 1000w Switchable Ballast
GrowBright 1000
GrowBright 1000w Switchable Ballast - 120v/240v
Socket Extension
15 Foot Grow Light Socket Extension Cord
Digital Greenhouse 250 Ballast
REFURBISHED Digital Greenhouse 250 Watt HPS & MH Ballast
Cmh Vertical Socket Set
PGZ18 CMH Socket Set
Digital Greenhouse Hhp 1000W De Grow Light
Digital Greenhouse HHP 1000w DE Grow Light
Digital Greenhouse 400 Dimmable Ballast
Digital Greenhouse Dimmable 400 Watt Ballast
High Yield 2 HydroFarm Adapter
Ballast to Socket Adapter - HYL to Hydrofarm
Ag Signature Series Lit
AgroMax Signature 1000w DE Grow Light
Solistek Matrix Remote
Solis Tek MATRIX Remote Control
Hydrofarm 2 High Yield Adapter
Ballast to Socket Adapter - Hydrofarm to HYL
Cmh Base Converter 3
PGZ18 Socket Adapter
AgroStar 1000Hps
AgroStar 1000 Watt HPS Ballast
Dg 315 Cmh Ballast
Digital Greenhouse 315w CMH Ballast
Ag Signature Series Lit
AgroMax Signature 1000w DE Grow Light - 480V
AgroStar 1000Mh
AgroStar 1000 Watt MH Remote Ballast

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