Digital Greenhouse HHP 1000w DE Grow Light

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Digital Greenhouse strikes again with their 1000w DE Horizontal High-Performance Grow Light. Cultivate the garden of your dreams with high-efficiency DE lighting and performance-based optics. Ideal for commercial horticultural applications or large-scale growing operations, DE systems such as the Digital Greenhouse HHP offers greater efficiency than singled-ended 1000w grow lights with higher PAR output, improved horticultural spectrum, and better light maintenance. While DE efficiency is thanks in large part to the design of double-ended HID bulbs, the Digital Greenhouse ultra-high frequency ballast ensures that whatever DE bulb runs in your system receives the absolute best power supply. The Digital Greenhouse DE HHP features a slim 4.5? profile with a horizontal ballast and reflector. While the standard configuration is an all-in-one design like the Gavita Pro 1000 and SolisTek A1, the DE HHP can be mounted near-flush against ceiling to preserve valuable growing space. Additionally, the Digital Greenhouse DE HHP has a controller port compatible with the optional AgroMax Signature Series Master Controller and Gavita DE Controllers. Each Digital Greenhouse HHP double ended grow light comes ready to grow, complete with the Digital Greenhouse ultra-high frequency DE ballast, an integrated low-profile DE reflector, and specialty horticultural double ended bulb. Browse our full selection of double ended HPS & MH systems for more great deals on the latest technology including a great selection of DE reflectors, DE bulbs, and complete DE systems!  

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Digital Greenhouse Horizontal High Performance 1000w DE Grow Light

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With all the power of DE lighting packed into a slim 4.5” profile, the Digital Greenhouse 1000w DE Horizontal High Performance Grow Light provides stupendous results for commercial and large-scale cultivation. The Digital Greenhouse DE HHP come equipped with the latest ultra-high efficiency ballast, a 95%+ slim aluminum reflector, and a high-performance DE bulb. Doubled-ended grow lights are much more powerful than their single-ended cousins, they’re designed to operate at higher temperatures as well as produce a higher PAR output.

Horizontal High Performance

The Digital Greenhouse HHP DE is designed to maximize canopy height through its unconventional horizontally affixed ballast and reflector. Unlike many popular DE systems where the attached ballast is mounted perpendicular to the reflector, the Digital Greenhouse’s offers is mounted parallel. This modification to fixture design reduces the fixture’s dimensional height from about 11” to 4”, enabling growers to hang a Digital Greenhouse HHP DE closer to a High-Performance area’s ceiling. Cultivators know that inch counts when pushing for greater yields, and the Digital Greenhouse HHP DE gives you the power and space you’ll need to make that happen.

Integrated Intelligence

Built-in software for advanced lighting control and system monitoring comes pre-packaged with the Digital Greenhouse HHP DE. As many as 100 fixtures can be synchronized with dynamic cycle controls and high-temperature safeguards via the AgroMax Master Controller (sold separately), while integrated programming monitors status and protects individual units from system errors. For growers operating multiple Digital Greenhouse fixtures, a controller is recommended to control and monitor grow light status as well as operate fixtures.


  • Slim 4.5″ Profile
  • High-frequency ballast
  • Dimmable 110% – 25%
  • Full Control Capable
  • Includes 10′ 120v power cord w/ grounded plug (NEMA 5-15)
  • ETL Listed


  • Measurements (Max): 22.5″ x 14.5″ x 4.5″
  • Multivolt: 120-240v
  • Electrical: 1000w, 8.33 amps @ 120v
  • Dimmable: 600w, 750w, 825w, 1000w,
    & 1125w “Turbo Output” settings
  • Ultra-efficient 95%+ reflective hood (+10% vs. competitors)


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