1000 Watt

Our 1000 Watt grow light systems are listed below. HID grow lights such as are 1000 watt systems can be run with your choice of MH bulbs or HPS bulbs. When all other grow lights have left you wanting more, you can rely on the sheer power and convention of a powerful, 1000 watt high intensity discharge grow light to get your plants the light they crave.
Advantages of a 1000 Watt Grow Light System 
Everybody knows that the higher wattage grow lights put out more light, resulting in a grow light that can accomodate more plants and larger areas, not to mention HUGE YIELDS. A huge advantage of our 1000 Watt Grow lights is the sophistication of our grow light ballasts, which allow you to strategically switch from Metal Halide bulbs to HPS bulbs without having to replace your entire grow light or ballast. This gives growers the advantage of providing the best light spectrums depending on the phase of growth your plants are currently in without the need for additional equipment, saving you time, money, and space.Read more