Lighting in your grow room is more than just grow lights. Whether you need green lights to work on your plants during their dark period, glasses to improve your vision against harsh HPS or LED spectrums, or meters to measure your light’s output. Take advantage of any of the greatassets in this category, and build your skills in the grow room, whether its day or night. HTG Supply has all the lighting tools growers need to get the most out of their gardens.

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Grovision High Performance Shades   Pro Led
GroVision High Performance Shades - Pro LED
GrowBright Digital Light Meter
GrowBright Digital Light Meter
Grovision High Performance Shades   Pro
GroVision High Performance Shades - Pro
Htg Supply Green Led Headlamp Lit
HTG Green LED Headlamp
Green Led Flashlight Optimized
HTG Green LED Flashlight
Method Seven Cultivator Led Plus Glasses
Method 7 Cultivator LED Plus+ Glasses
Method Seven Coup Hpsx Transition Glasses
Method 7 Coup HPSx Transition
GrowXcess Green LED Bulb 5w
GrowXcess Green LED Bulb 5w
M7 Cultivator HPS Plus
M7 Cultivator HPS Plus
10.5 Inch Clamp Light
Method Seven Coup Black
Method Seven Coup HPS Plus - Glossy Black
Method Seven Resistance Hps Perfect Color Glasses
Method 7 Resistance Perfect Color HPS Glasses
Active Eye Grow Room Glasses
Active Eye Growroom Glasses

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