CMH Grow Kits

About CMH Grow Kits

CMH grow light kits are a powerful, versatile choice for your indoor garden. At HTG Supply, our kits come with everything you need to build a self-contained environment. They contain products with a variety of specifications, so there is an option for every growing application. 

What Are CMH Grow Light Kits?

A ceramic metal halide (CMH) light is a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) light. Specifically, it is a variation of a metal halide (MH) light. A CMH light features a ceramic arc tube, while an MH light has a quartz glass tube. The ceramic tube can withstand greater temperatures and pressure than the quartz tube.

CMH lights produce a light spectrum closest to that of the sun while using less energy than traditional grow lights for a more natural, efficient indoor lighting source.

A ceramic metal halide grows light kit contains all the equipment you need to set up a growing area that uses CMH lights. These components include a tent, light fittings, ventilation devices, and other essential parts.

Our Indoor CMH Grow Kits

Our ceramic metal halide grows kits come complete with the following components:

Grow tent: These portable, fully sealed tents come in many different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your space and growing ambitions.

Grow light system: Our kits include all the lighting equipment you need, including CMH bulbs, light hangers, and timers.

Ventilation system: Regulating the temperature and air in your growing environment is crucial to keeping your plants healthy. That is why our kits offer a variety of air filters, ducting, and fans so you can achieve ideal temperatures and air quality.

Planting system and medium: Whether you are looking for a hydroponic or soil system, we have kits to meet your needs.

Accessories: Every grow space needs accessories like thermometers, plant nutrients, and pH testers for optimal monitoring capabilities. Our kits come with many accessory options that you can customize to your specifications.

Whatever your growing operation may be, we can customize your kit to achieve your desired results. Let us know if there are specific products you are looking for, and we can make sure they are included in your kit or suggest alternatives for you.

Why Buy CMH Grow Light Kits From HTG Supply?

HTG Supply has a large selection of premium CMH grow light kits that are affordably priced for exceptional value. Thanks to our fast and efficient shipping process, your grow kit will be delivered within a few days so you can get your growing operation up and running as soon as possible.

If you live in Connecticut, Oklahoma, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Colorado, Florida, Michigan or Pennsylvania, you can also visit one of our retail stores. Stop by to see our inventory in person and get advice from our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

To learn more about CMH lighting, using grow kits, and many other indoor gardening topics, check out our online Information Center for valuable tips and updates.

Shop our extensive inventory of indoor garden supplies today for all the high-quality growing products you need.

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