2×4 grow tents are ideal for gardeners cramped for space. A wide base with a short depth makes accessing all of your garden easy with no need to step inside your tent!
2×4 grow tents require anywhere between 250-600w of HID lighting, a single 315w CMH, or 270-500 true watts of LED lighting. They can hold 8 small potting containers, 6 medium potting containers, or 3 large potting containers.
For seed starting and cloning, 2×4 tents fit 4′ T5 fixtures snugly. A 2×4 tent can hold 4, 1020 trays and has a seed starting potential of up to 400 plants! The tent protects your seeds and seedlings and creates a micro-climate to maintain and control heat and humidity. Shop now across our many brands of 2×4 grow tents!