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About pH Calibration Solutions for Sale

When growing plants in a hydroponic system, a pH level that is too high or too low can easily kill your crops. When pH levels are too acidic or basic for your plants, they will be unable to absorb nutrients from the water and begin wilting, and they may even die if you don't adjust the pH level in time. pH fluctuations are a natural part of hydroponic gardening, and with practice, they are easy to maintain and track. 

What Are pH Levels? 

For most plants, your water system should have a pH level between 5.5-6.5. However, each plant responds best to different pH levels, and you should research the best pH level for your crops before choosing one. Depending on where a plant is originally from, it may require higher or lower pH levels. 

pH levels increase and decrease organically due to three factors: alkalinity, carbon dioxide and water hardness. Alkalinity and bicarbonate affect a plant's ability to absorb nutrients. Carbon dioxide can cause pH levels to fluctuate, as carbon dioxide that escapes the water and goes into the air will cause the water to lose acidity and consequently raise the pH level. Using hard water — or water with calcium and magnesium — can provide good nutrients to plants but also raise the pH dangerously high. Using pH calibration solutions, you can mitigate these three factors' effects and create a thriving hydroponic environment.

How to Calibrate Your Hydroponic System pH

To calibrate your hydroponic system, test the water with a pH test strip or reader. pH meters are a valuable tool that measures the pH of your hydroponic system against a calibration solution. Because pH readers work by checking your water against a calibration solution, it's vital that your calibration tool is of top-notch quality and designed to work with your pH reader.  

HTG Supply offers pH readers from brands such as Hanna, Myron and Bluelab. These pH testers will give you reliable and consistent results in a matter of minutes, and they work best when paired with the same name brand pH calibration solution. 

HTG Supply Calibration Solutions

We carry a variety of pH calibration solutions from a number of brands so you can always find what you need.

Hanna 1382 TDS Calibration Solution

We carry Hanna 1382 TDS Calibration Solution for use with Hanna Waterproof pH Testers. Hanna Calibration Solution is prepared against a NIST traceable potassium chloride solution to guarantee accurate and pure results. It is also marked with an easy-to-read expiration date. 

HydraPAC Calibration Solution

HydraPAC Calibration Solutions are designed for use with Myron pH reading pens. They are available in both 1800 and 3600 PPM solutions. 

Bluelab pH Solutions

We sell Bluelab pH Solutions in both 4.0 and 7.0 variations. Bluelab Solution works with Bluelab pH Pens for soil and growing media. 

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HTG Supply carries the leading pH and calibration solutions to keep your hydroponic system running in impeccable shape. Browse our entire selection of calibration solutions for sale today.

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