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About CO2 Bags

Carbon dioxide (CO2) bags are an affordable, low-maintenance solution to increasing the amount of CO2 in your grow tent or grow room. They contain organic matter that creates a fungus known as mycelia, which produces CO2. The extra carbon dioxide leads to faster plant growth and greater yields. 

At HTG Supply, we sell innovative ExHale CO2 grow bags made right here in the United States. 

Our ExHale CO2 Grow Bags for Sale

ExHale CO2 grow bags are some of the best available. They are made with a patented strain of mycelium that produces large amounts of CO2. When the bag is activated, the mycelium grows and eats the substrate within the bag, which gives off carbon dioxide directly into your garden.

Our selection of ExHale CO2 grow bags includes:
ExHale Homegrown: This bag cultivates carbon dioxide 24 hours a day without the need to refill any CO2 production units like tanks or bottles. The bag features a microporous breather patch, which releases the carbon dioxide continually for up to six months. One standard size bag provides four to six plants with the appropriate amount of CO2. We also sell Homegrown XL, which produces enough CO2 for six to 10 plants. ExHale Homegrown can be used for fruit and flower production as well as vegetative growth, and it is ideal for small to medium grow areas.

ExHale Homegrown 365: The ExHale Homegrown bag 365 uses the same strain of mycelium as ExHale Homegrown. After you remove the separation seal on the 365, you can activate the mycelium by pushing it down with your fingers until it reaches the substrate. Once it is on the substrate, it will take about two weeks to achieve top CO2 production. This bag has a three-month shelf life with nine months of CO2 output for a full year of performance.

We also sell ExHale hangers so you can hang your CO2 grow bag just above your plants. If your grow room has a ventilation system, place the bag close to the fresh air intake so the CO2 can be drawn upward into the canopy.

Buy CO2 Bags for Your Grow Room From HTG Supply

If you are looking for CO2 bags for your grow tent or grow room, HTG Supply has the premium products you need. We sell ExHale CO2 bags because they offer the best CO2 production at an affordable price for an unbeatable value. You should see a significant difference in your plants when you add an ExHale CO2 grow bag to your grow space. Many customers who use the product experience a 20% to 30% increase in their yields.

When you order your ExHale grow bags from us, you will receive them in just a few days. We ship all orders within 24 hours.

If you are looking for other supplies for your indoor garden, HTG Supply is your one-stop shop. We sell quality grow tents, several types of growing mediums, indoor grow lights and everything else you need to create a successful setup.

Whether you are building a grow area from scratch or replacing old equipment, you can find the solutions you need at HTG Supply.

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