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About Hydroponics

Lots of indoor growers love hydroponics for their sustainable growth capabilities. At HTG Supply, we can help you build a hydroponics system from the ground up or add equipment to your existing setup.

As hydroponics become popular, indoor gardeners are reaping the rewards. People like soilless gardening because you can do it at any time of year in a controlled environment and it can produce amazing results.

We at HTG Supply know how important it is to understand each element of your grow room, seeds and, of course, your system. With hydroponics, you can have healthy plants and reusable materials that serve your indoor garden for years.

Benefits of Hydroponic Equipment for Gardening

Hydroponics is an effective and efficient method for growing plants without soil. It provides indoor growers with many unique benefits, including:

Space savings: Hydroponic systems can take up approximately 20% less space than plants grown in soil, making them an ideal choice for indoor gardens with limited space.

Greater yields: In hydroponic systems, plants can be packed together, which results in greater outcomes with less space. Hydroponic systems also allow you to control nutrients or feeding, which helps plant growth.

Sustainable: Hydroponic systems use as much as 10 times less water than traditional field crops. In most hydroponic systems, water is caught and reused rather than draining into the environment. Plus, soilless replacements are often recyclable, so you can work with the same materials for longer.

5 Main Types of Hydroponics

Hydroponics can look different based on your plants, space and budget. We provide options for every hydroponics style, so you can decide what works best for you.

Here are the five main types of systems we have at HTG Supply:

  1. Deep water culture (DWC): These systems allow plants to "drink up" through a reservoir of water beneath them. Gardeners love DWC methods because your plants' roots will grow longer and healthier if treated correctly. Our equipment for deep water hydroponics allows users to know their plants are getting the water, nutrients and air they need to flourish.
  2. Ebb and flow: Also known as flood and drain systems, this method uses water from a reservoir to fill a plant tray or bucket, drain when complete and repeat. Indoor gardeners see successful yields from this system because of its cyclic routine.
  3. Nutrient film technique (NFT): NFT systems are popular in commercial grow rooms because they can grow a high volume of plants. They use an ebb and flow method with a sloped channel for plants to grow. These systems have everything you need, and size depends on how many plots you want and preferred plant spacing.
  4. Bucket systems: Bucket systems are usually best for beginners who want to grow one to 16 plants. Buckets can function with DWC or ebb and flow methods, depending on your preference.
  5. Small hydro systems: For each hydroponics style, we offer sizes to fit smaller grow rooms or casual indoor gardeners. Our small hydro systems are low-cost options for beginners to discover the world of soilless gardening.

To succeed with hydroponics, you may need replacement parts or accessories to support your system. HTG Supply is your one-stop shop for any equipment or quick fixes in your grow room.

Our Hydroponic Equipment

The biggest part of your hydroponics system is the equipment that holds, waters and maintains your plants. HTG Supply carries a wide range of hydroponic equipment, including:

Do-it-yourself (DIY) hydroponics: We carry DIY parts and accessories so you can build your hydroponics system from scratch. Our selection of supplies includes water pumps, drip irrigation equipment, air pumps, fittings and connectors, tubing, float valves and sprayers and misters.

Hydroponic systems: We sell complete setups for deep water culture (DWC), ebb and flow, nutrient film technique (NFT), bucket and small hydro systems, as well as replacement parts and accessories.

Water quality products: Water quality is a crucial element in any hydroponics system. At HTG Supply, we carry reservoir chillers and heaters, filtration systems and testing and monitoring equipment so you can effectively maintain your system's water supply.

Hydroponic containers: Containers hold water for plants and support plant roots. Depending on the type of system you use, you will need specific types of containers. HTG Supply has container options for every system, with a selection that includes buckets, flood tables and trays, net pots and reservoirs and tanks.

If you need help finding a product, contact us and we can try to track it down for you or suggest an alternative.

Why Buy Hydroponic Equipment From HTG Supply?

HTG Supply has an extensive inventory of high-quality hydroponic equipment from industry-leading brands such as Bubble Boy, AutoPot and CropKing. Whether you are looking for specific parts or turnkey systems, our carefully curated selection includes affordable products for the best value. You can also count on us to provide exceptional customer service from the start of your shopping experience to post-sale.

As the country's fastest indoor garden supply shippers, we deliver your order so you can get started as soon as possible.

Whether you are new to hydroponics or a seasoned grower, you can find vital tips and industry updates in our online Information Center.

Buy hydroponics online or from one of our retail stores for the best growing solutions.

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