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About Fans and Ducting

Proper ventilation and air circulation are vital to any indoor growing environment. Good airflow promotes healthy plant growth, and it keeps your grow area cool and replenished with CO2. At HTG Supply, we sell fans and ducting equipment for every garden and grower.

Our Fans and Ducting Products for Sale
Our selection of air ducts and fans for grow systems includes:

Circulation fans and wall fans:

We have many grow tent fans for sale, with clip-on, wall-mount and standing fan options available in various sizes. Fans help increase airflow, dissipate heat from grow lights, prevent mildew from developing and distribute supplemental CO2. Wall-mounted and clip-on fans are ideal for freeing up floor space in small grow areas, while standing fans are an excellent choice for large grow tents or full rooms.

Inline fans and duct fans: Our wide selection of high-velocity inline fans and duct fans includes quality products from top brands like Ruck and GrowBright. These fans provide exceptional power with quiet operation, and they offer reliable, long-lasting performance to keep your grow area cool for many years to come.

Grow room ducting: We sell all the ventilation and ducting supplies you need for the perfect grow room setup. Our selection includes outflow flanges, Wye fittings, clamps, duct reducers and other essentials to route your exhaust and air intake systems.

Flanges and dampers: Flanges and dampers connect ducting to your grow tent or grow room. They are simple, versatile units that work in nearly any setup, whether you need to connect your venting to a custom grow room or an AgroMax tent. We carry flanges for 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch ducting.

Duct silencers: Having a quiet ventilation system is a goal for many growers. If you are concerned about noise leaks from your grow room, duct silencers are an ideal solution. We carry duct mufflers that can reduce noise by as much as 25 dBA (A-weighted decibels) for a noticeably quieter atmosphere. They are also available in many different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your indoor garden.

Benefits of Buying From HTG Supply

HTG Supply has a premium selection of fans and air ducts for grow tents and grow rooms. We sell high-quality, affordably priced products for value that's hard to beat. As a one-stop shop for hydroponic and indoor garden supplies, you will find all the components you need for a successful growing operation in our extensive inventory.

We have also earned a reputation as one of the fastest shippers in the business. We ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving them, so you can expect delivery in just a few days.

Customers who live in Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, Oklahoma, North Carolina or Pennsylvania can stop by one of our retail locations. Visiting us in-store allows you to browse our inventory in person and chat with our friendly, knowledgeable staff about your grow room needs.

Whether you shop online or in-store, you'll benefit from our impressive selection of growing equipment and attentive customer service.

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