Lumatek Ice Pack Fan for Ballast


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Keep your Lumatek ballast running cool and efficiently with the Lumatek Ice Pack, an externally-mounted ballast fan. Designed to lower the operating temperature of your ballast up to 20 degrees F, the Lumatek Ice Pack extends the life of your ballast by expelling heat from the system. The Ice Pack is compatible with most new-gen Lumatek ballast with 12v DC connectors and plugs into the output connector.  

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Lumatek Ice Pack Fan for Ballast

Today’s most successful indoor gardeners rely on Lumatek ballasts, the industry gold standard. The cutting-edge design technology of our extruded aluminum housing delivers best-in-class cooling. Now you can keep your Lumatek ballasts running even cooler with the Lumatek Ice Pack. Designed specifically to provide extra cooling, the Ice Pack is an externally mounted fan that plugs into the output connector located on the latest generation of Lumatek Ballasts. Running your ballast with the Ice Pack can prolong the life of your components and helps expel heat more efficiently, cooling temperatures by up to 20 degrees F. Make your digital ballast the coolest running available.

It is compatible with most Lumatek ballasts with 12v DC connectors (either HF or SS style plugs).


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Dimensions 8.24 × 4.25 × 1 in

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Air – Water – CO2


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