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Odor Killer is an all-natural essential oil odor counteracting gel. Odor Killer is EPA and USDA approved, and are non-toxic. Odor Killer is easy to use, and is just simply placed, opened, in the area that require odor control. Odor Killer contains natural plant oils and liquid absorbing copolymer gel.

  • 1 Quart size refill container
  • Non-toxic and EPA and USDA approved
  • Easy to use

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Odor Killer originated as a natural odor control product for industrial use. In use on tough industrial odors, it has proven its capabilities in both the field and laboratory tests. Now the industrial strength of Odor Killer is available for home use!

Made of all-natural essential oils that are approved for use by the USDA, Odor Killer safely eliminates smoke, food, sanitation, and biological odors in even the most confined areas. It is not a masking agent, and does not operate in the same way as less efficient counteractant. Odor Killer creates a neutral atmosphere where objectionable odors are removed, but with no replacement odor created.

Odor Killer is biodegradable and allergy tested.


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Air – Water – CO2


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