Controllers & Power Boxes

About Controllers & Power Boxes

Grow light timers greatly simplify the life of an indoor gardener.Without the natural cycles of day and night, indoor growers often find themselves in need of a light timer to make sure their plants are receiving enough light from their indoor grow lights. Hydroponic timers help also schedule fans pumps water chillers and a number of other hydroponic environmental controls.

HTG Supplys selection of grow light timers and grow light controllers makes it easy to choose a simple mechanical timer an electronic timer with a backup battery or a more advanced HID controller.

Grow Light Timers
Grow light timers can be simple mechanical devices or more sophisticated digital devices yet the main goal is to be able to automate the turning on and off of your grow lights at time intervals that you specify. 

Grow Light Controllers
Grow light controllers often work with a timer. One common advantage of a grow light controller is the ability to operate more than one grow light per ballast.

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