About Super Soil

The goal of super soil is to create a soil environment ahead of planting that contains all of the nutrition your plants will need throughout the entire grow cycle. It sounds simple, but it's not as easy as adding a bunch of different nutrients to a bag of potting mix. Heavy-feeding plants such as fruiting annuals require a lot of fertilizer to produce worthwhile yields, and simply dumping a cycle's worth of amendments in your soil will most likely result in nutrient burn and a failed crop. So how do we add all of the nutrients plants will need ahead of time without burning them up? It turns out that the only way to effectively accomplish this is via the same organic processes that make it possible in the natural environment. This requires not only the proper nutrient ingredients but also a little help from beneficial microbiology, as well as some unique planting strategy and additional preparation time. Talking Shop

Shop our selection of super soils to find pre-amended potting blends that require just water from seed to harvest!

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