Detroit Nutrient Company Worm Castings


The best farmers, gardeners, and agronomists use Detroit Nutrient Company Worm Castings. DNC Worm Castings is a great amendment for both beginner and advanced gardeners to take to natural and simplified growing, utilizing microbial life to create plant available nutrients from all natural amendments from seed to flower.

  • Great for top dresses, amending, and making inoculations and compost.
  • Worm castings are considered a great amendment for beginners because they cannot nutrient burn your plants and have a variety of applications.

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DNC Worm Castings

Detroit Nutrient Company Worm Castings set the standard for quality in vermicompost. Our worms are fed a fixed diet and left to create high-quality casting that is excellent in soil building.  Indoors for use with bottle nutrients, a handful of castings in every planting hole increases plant vigor and health as well as adding to yield. In compost teas, these castings are an excellent addition and outdoor castings are a natural repellent for some hard bodied aphids and will attract deep burrowing night crawlers adding life and aeration to your plant’s environment. Worm castings are considered the safest amendment because they cannot nutrient burn your plants like synthetic nutrients.

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