ProControl Total Release Fogger – 6 Ounce



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Pro-Control Plus Total Release Aerosol is a 6oz fogger that has both a contact kill (pyrethrin) and a residual activity (cyfluthrin). It is convenient and easy to use, effective against many pest species.


  • Powerful pest control for the total annihilation of insects.
  • Residual effects for 4-8 weeks.
  • Unsafe for food processing equipment and areas, wash any fruit thoroughly before consumption.

In stock


ProControl Total Release Fogger

Pro Control Plus Total Release is an aerosol fogger ideal for space treatments in facilities where food handling is not a concern. Pro Control Plus is convenient, easy to use and effective against a wide variety of pests. Once the device has been activated, it totally releases all contents. It cannot be shut off. Each 6 oz. can cover approximately 625 sq. ft. You should not stay in the room while it is releasing unless you have access to a high-quality chemical face mask. You should not return for two hours after the can is pressed to allow time for the fog to settle. Be sure to read and follow all warnings on the label.

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