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Pest and plant disease can be major issues for your crops. Although there is a common misconception that that indoor plants are immune from the threat of insects, there are many indoor pests, such as whiteflies and spider mites, that can damage your plants' health and growth. Experienced growers know that preventing bugs and fungi is just as essential as maintaining the perfect light and temperature levels in their indoor gardens.

For effective grow room pest control, HTG Supply has the products you are looking for.

Our Pest Control Products for Grow Rooms

At HTG Supply, we carry grow tent pest control products, including:

Spider mite control: Spider mites are very small, reddish-brown insects typically found on the underside of plant leaves.

They can quickly colonize your indoor garden, leading to heavy infestations that wreak havoc on your plants. We sell foggers, sprays, and concentrated solutions made from natural ingredients for spider mite problems of any size.

Fungicides: Fungus issues such as charcoal rot, black rot, mildew and blight can kill plants and ruin harvests. We carry numerous food-safe fungicide products in spray and concentrated forms to help you control fungus on vegetable, fruit and ornamental plants grown indoors.

Insecticides: Indoor gardens are typically more vulnerable to insects such as aphids and fungus gnats because there are no indoor predators to control their populations. We carry a wide range of traps, sprays, foggers and concentrated solutions to help you combat your insect problem. Our options include synthetic products that can quickly take out a whole infestation. If you prefer a gentler approach to pest control, we have various natural and organic pesticide options.

Organic pest control: For organic gardeners and anyone else who wants to combat fungi and pests naturally, you will find many organic pest control products in our inventory. When you use organic products, you avoid unhealthy fumes and leftover residue. Our selection includes natural fungicides and insecticides, as well as traps and non-chemical supplements. We also sell biological controls, which are bacteria and fungi that fight harmful species of pests.

If you are looking for a particular brand or type of pest control for your grow tent, contact our team and we can help. With our extensive inventory, we likely have what you are looking for. Otherwise, we can do our best to track it down or suggest an alternative solution.

Benefits of Buying Pest Control Products From HTG Supply

HTG Supply sells a wide range of premium pest control products at budget-friendly prices. You will also benefit from our speedy shipping times. Once you place your order, we ship it within 24 hours. You can typically expect to receive your items in one to three days within the continental U.S.

We also have retail store locations in ten different states where you can see our supplies in person and chat with our product experts. As one of the fastest-growing hydroponic and indoor garden supply companies in the country, we are continually expanding, so check back for new location updates.

Whether you shop in-store or online, you will find an unbeatable selection at HTG Supply.

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