Aromatic Odor Control

About Aromatic Odor Control

Aromatic odor control is an easy method to supplement indoor garden odor control configurations or provide a small, temporary respite to powerful plant odors. By using odor capturing technology as well as odor masking scents, aromatic odor control works much in the same way that spray fragrances work. HTG Supply carries odor control supplies for all-sized gardens.

Odor Killer

Removing odors from indoor gardens is easier than ever with Odor Killer. Simply take this one-quart container into your grow room, remove the lid and enjoy quality odor control until the gel disappears. Odor Killer is nontoxic and has gained approval from the EPA and USDA, so you can feel confident in choosing it for your home and plants.

ONA Odor Control

ONA is the top brand you'll find for aromatic odor control in indoor gardens. With delicious scents such as fresh linen, apple crumble, polar crystal and their original PRO formula, you can make your garden more discreet while making it the best-smelling space on your property. There are various versions of ONA which you can choose from depending on your garden's needs and your preferences:

  • Gels: At HTC Supply, you'll find ONA gels in one-liter and four-liter containers. All you have to do is remove the lid on these jars and allow the gel to get to work. If you have a large grow room or multiple grow rooms, the large pail can also refill smaller containers, so you distribute ONA across a larger area.
  • Sprays or liquids: Like our gels, ONA liquids come in one-liter and four-liter containers. You can also purchase 20-liter pails for commercial applications. However, they require a bit more preparation for regular use, since you'll need to put them into a mister or humidifier before you can begin deodorizing your indoor garden.
  • Blocks: ONA's six-ounce blocks are similar to their gels in formulation, but the small container allows for much more portability without any mess. Just poke a few holes in the top of the container and place it in your grow room. One block is enough to filter the air in a 3x3 grow room.

The Science of ONA

ONA works by finding terpenes the plants have released into the air and transforming them on a molecular level, eliminating odors at their source. Terpenes are parts of plants that affect their flavors, effects and hardiness, and some are naturally lost during the growing process. Every terpene can react differently with ONA, but they generally respond in these three ways:

  • Adsorption: The ONA product attracts odors, drawing them in while trapping gases and vapors inside its surface.
  • Absorption: ONA's active molecules absorb odor molecules, allowing them to bond with the unbonded molecules in the product's formulation.
  • Chemical reaction: When these molecules bond, they become something new altogether, neutralizing previous odors and emissions while leaving behind the pleasant, mild smell of whichever scent you choose for your garden. This is known as The Pairs Theory.

Control Your Odors With HTC Supply

When you have an indoor garden, you may think the smell is something you have to learn to live with. But with odor-blocking and eliminating tools from HTC Supply, you might even forget you have a garden. Cover your least favorite scents with your new favorite ones today, or choose an Odor Killer to keep your home smelling however you please. Start shopping now!

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