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ONA Liquid is an amazing product that provides exceptional odor-neutralizing power. Since 1995, the science behind ONA has withstood the test of time, and their products continue to be an asset to anyone dealing with odor control for grow tents and rooms. By using specific hydrocarbons and terpenes, ONA Liquid is able to trap, absorb, and chemically change odors. Fresh Linen and Polar Crystal ONA Liquid can help to ease the odor concerns of any indoor grower while adding a fresh and appealing aroma. Check out ONA Gel as well as ONA Block for easy deployment of odor control! These ONA products are formulated perfectly for a slow release and offer the same odor-neutralizing power. ONA Gel is simple to use and can be distributed easily in different areas around grow tents or grow rooms by pouring some into smaller containers. And when deployed correctly, one 6oz ONA Block can effectively neutralize odors from a 3x3 grow tent!  

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ONA Liquid – From the Manufacturer:

ONA Liquid is a versatile product and can be used in many different applications. It can be added to commercial misting systems, humidifiers, or simply sprayed freely into the air to neutralize airborne odors on contact. ONA Liquid is water-based and can easily be diluted for safe and effective washing of odor saturated garments.

The Science of ONA Liquid

The ONA odor-neutralizing products consist of complex formulations representing a variety of chemical compounds offering different functionalities, both structural and chemical. The technology behind ONA was initiated over 25 years ago. The scientist who invented ONA became fascinated when he observed that terpenes, when diffused into the environment, reduced odors and unwanted emissions. Inspired by this finding, further evidence showed that the odors were not just masked but permanently removed. The result was a set of specialized formulations that neutralize a wide spectrum of organic and inorganic odor problems – effectively, efficiently and permanently. ONA formulations have been scientifically engineered to be environmentally safe. ONA is manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure a safe and non-toxic product. The components used to make ONA are generally recognized as safe and have been commonly used in the food and cosmetics industries with a long history of safety.



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