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About Indoor Garden Conditioners

Conditioners are a special class of nutrients used to adjust reservoirs and soil states, such as pH level, clearing dead matter, adding beneficial biology, or lowering surface tension for better absorption. These supplements generally have no nutritional value to plants, but they are precursors to better nutrient absorption, stronger soil health, and clean hydroponic systems.

Conditioners have different applications. For a gummed up hydroponic system, enzymes and flushes work well to clear out organic matter and salt buildups. For soil health, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae will boost the rhizosphere in your soil.

When your garden uses a soil base, it needs to feed your seeds appropriately. Indoor garden conditioners' essential function is to change the structure of your garden's "food." This gives your plants enough room for air, water and necessary nutrients. HTG Supply carries conditioners for all types of gardening applications, shop now for the conditioners you need to succeed.

Which Soil Conditioners Are Best for Your Garden?

Healthy soil is the lifeblood of a successful garden. For happy plants to grow, they need soil that flushes out harmful materials and provides excellent nutrients. Though soil by itself has many beneficial functions, sometimes it needs some help from additives. Here are the different types of soil conditioners we carry:

  • Enzymes: Enzymes maintain the circle of life your plants experience in the soil. Breaking down old roots and cleaning up your soil helps new growth form. Enzymes speed up this natural process to prevent bugs or pests from getting to it first.
  • Humic and fulvic: Plants need to take in nutrients to grow strong and tall. Humic and fulvic acids assist this uptake for faster growth and stronger roots. These materials come from underground sources to help your indoor garden mimic natural soil.
  • Mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria: In nature, bacteria and mycorrhizae fungi help plants grow strong roots and access nutrients. The symbiosis between these substances and your plants can create excellent grow room results.
  • pH up and down: As you add nutrients to your soil, your pH may change. Keeping your soil's pH around 5.5-6.5 prevents harmful bacteria and stalled growth. Our pH up and down adjusters can regulate your garden. We also supply test kits so you can continue to manage your pH.
  • Wetting agents: Wetted water is an essential ingredient in your garden. Wetting agents reduce surface tension and create pathways for nutrients to spread, allowing your plants to absorb necessary materials quicker.

Shop Indoor Garden Conditioners From HTG Supply

Indoor garden conditioners help your soil achieve its full growth potential. Most soil conditioners make room for seeds to soak up beneficial nutrients, air and water. Try a soil conditioner from HTG Supply to see the difference it can make!

We are the fastest indoor garden supply shippers in the country, so you can get planting soon after you order. If you have questions about our products or want to learn more, contact us online or visit our information center. To speak with a professional grower in person, visit one of our many retail locations.

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