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White Widow by Humboldt Nutrients is a must-have mycorrhizae supplement for superior plant development. With a diverse selection of pure endomycorrhizal species, White Widow creates beneficial activity in the root zone. This fast and aggressive blend of spores is broken down into a fine, water-soluble pattern making it especially effective in hydroponic systems, along with soil and other growing mediums.

  • Use during the vegetative cycle and first weeks of bloom
  • Composition: Pure Endomycorrhizal
  • Total propagules 120000/gram
  • Size: 4 oz

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Humboldt Nutrients White Widow

Mycorrhizal inoculants are crucial to sustaining a healthy, expansive root zone. Humboldt Nutrients is proud to launch its newest and most powerful soluble mycorrhizae product, White Widow.

White Widow is a mycorrhizal powder containing an extremely high and diverse amount of mycological spores. No other mycorrhizal on the market has more propagules per gram. White Widow is a diverse, pure endomycorrhizal. The effectiveness of a soluble mycorrhizal inoculant relies heavily on two variables: the amount of spores in the product itself, and the ability of that product to become soluble in water. White Widow is a super-fine powder which quickly and easily dissolves into water.

With White Widow, the speed and aggressiveness of your plant’s root development is unprecedented. It is common to see large, furry, bright white roots shooting out of the bottom of containers only a week after transplanting with the White Widow.

White Widow is bacteria-free, making it ideal for hydroponic systems. Used in soil, soilless, or hydroponic gardens, White Widow is a must-have for gardeners concerned about the quality and health of their plant’s root systems. If you can keep things healthy on the surface, Humboldt Nutrients White Widow will handle the situation underneath.


Composition: Pure Endomycorrhizal
Glomus clarum, G.aggregatum, G.intraradices, G.mosseae, G.deserticola, G.etunicatum, Gagaspora margarita, G.brasilianum and G.monosporum
Total propagules 120000/gram
Inert filler materials 95.0%

Application rates:

  • Hydroponic applications: Use ½ to 1 tsp per gallon of reservoir water. Change nutrient solution weekly to avoid excess sediment.
  • Soil Application: Use ½ to 1 tsp per gallon container during transplanting. For bedding, use 5-10 tsp per bag of soil (1.5 cu ft)

The goal with Mycorrhizal inoculants (spores) is to create physical contact with the root zone.
Use White Widow throughout the vegetative cycle and into the first two weeks of bloom.


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