Mh & HPS Grow Lights

HTG Supply carries the best selection of High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide grow lights. HID (high intensity discharge) grow lights such as the HPS and MH grow light systems we offer remain a popular type of grow light. Due to their varying light spectrums, many growers utilizing a HID grow light setup prefer to utilize MH grow lights for vegetative growth and switch to an HPS grow light when flowering Advantages of HID Grow Lights (HPS & MH)
High Pressure Sodium grow lights (HPS) and Metal Halide Grow Lights are referred to as High-Intensity Discharge grow lights because of high quantity of light ouput a quality unit is capable of producing. HPS and MH lamps put out similar quantities of light but in different parts of the color spectrum. Since many plants prefer the crisp white wavelengths of Metal Halide lights during vegetative growth but the more yellowish wavelengths of High Pressure Sodium grow lights during the flowering phase, indoor gardeners often begin their grows with MH and then switch to an HPS light, often replacing the entire fixture, ballast, hardware, etc.
Many of our grow lights eliminate the need for separate equipment by utiliizing a sophisticated digital grow light ballast. We recommend you strongly consider purchasing a grow light that comes with a quality ballast that will make your HPS and MH bulbs interchangeable in the same fixture, saving you time, money, and headaches.

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