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About 150-250 Watt

Whether you're in need of a 250 watt HPS grow light for flowering or a 250 Watt metal halide for vegging, you will find the answer here at HTG Supply. Grow all year round with 150 Watt and 250 Watt HID Grow Lights.

250 Watt HPS Grow Lights
Our 250 watt HPS Grow Lights offer exceptional value for the money! If you are serious about indoor gardening and are ready to move to an HPS or other high-output solution these 250 watt HPS grow lights are a great choice. Designed for less plants and smaller spaces than some of the larger HPS grow lights we offer these HID grow lights are perfect for small indoor gardens. Be ready to grow right out of the box with our complete grow light kits that include the lighting fixture bulbs and other  needed equipment such as ballasts timers and reflectors. View our kits for available options.

150 Watt HPS Grow Lights
Even smaller than the 250 watt our 150 Watt HPS grow lights are designed for even smaller spaces. Still when compared to other 150 watt HPS grow lights on the market our offering of 150 watt HPS grow lights with horticultural-grade ballasts are much more efficient while offering more light output.

250 Watt HPS & MH Grow Lights
Check out our Digital Greenhouse 250 Watt grow light which includes a ballast capable of running either HPS or MH bulbs. The benefit of this is that when it comes time to switch from veg to flower you simply change the bulb instead of the entire grow light.

250 Watt Metal Halide Grow Lights
We also offer Metal Halide grow lights rated at 250 watts such as the Floralux 250 Watt Metal Halide Grow Light.

Need HPS bulbs or HM Bulbs for your fixture? We also offer HPS bulbs and MH bulbs that fit our HID grow lights.

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