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About Air Pumps and Air Stones

Air pumps and air stones are essential features in hydroponic systems. They provide proper oxygenation that ensures your plants grow properly and remain healthy. At HTG Supply, we have a large selection of air pumps and air stones in various sizes to make any hydroponic garden a success. 

How Do Air Pumps and Air Stones Work in a Hydroponic System?

In a hydroponic system, the air pump and air stone work together to get oxygen to the nutrient reservoir, which transmits the oxygen to the plant roots. The air pump sits outside the reservoir tank, and it's connected to the air stone that sits inside the tank. The pump takes in the oxygen and channels it into the stone. The air stone then ejects the small air bubbles into the reservoir.

Why Do I Need an Air Pump and Air Stone for a Hydroponic System?

Air pumps and air stones perform the vital task of supplying oxygen to your plants. Oxygen helps plants absorb the nutrients and water they need to grow. Without enough oxygen, plants become stressed, which makes them more vulnerable to pathogens.

Plants grown outdoors in soil have constant access to oxygen. But in a hydroponic system where plants are grown from a nutrient solution, oxygen is limited. In deep water culture (DWC) systems, plants are completely deprived of oxygen, as the roots are submerged in nutrient solution for the entirety of their lifespan. If plants can't get enough oxygen to absorb nutrients, they will stop eating, and their growth will come to a halt. In extreme cases, plants can "drown" if oxygen can't get to the roots.

In an ebb and flow system, the root zone is flooded for an extended period before nutrient solution is drained back out. For this system, it is a best practice to aerate the reservoir. This helps to prevent low oxygen issues like algae and provides the plants with oxygenated solution when flooded so they can better absorb the nutrients.

Aeroponic and drip systems provide more oxygen than DWC and ebb and flow systems, but they still require oxygenation in the reservoir to help ensure the best performance. When you use an air pump and stone in aeroponic and drip systems, you will provide highly oxygenated solution that will increase your yield and grow more robust plants.

Why Buy Hydroponics Air Pumps and Stones From HTG Supply?

At HTG Supply, we sell many air pumps and air stones for hydroponic systems that are energy-efficient, easy to use and long-lasting. You'll find affordable products from industry-leading brands that you know and trust. Whether you need air pumps and stones for a commercial growing operation or a small, indoor hobby garden, we have several options to meet your needs.

When you buy your air pumps and stones from us, you will also benefit from our fast shipping times. We ship all orders within 24 hours of placement for a typical delivery time frame of one to three days.

If you are looking for other components for your hydroponic system, HTG Supply is your one-stop shop. Browse our extensive selection online today or stop by one of our retail store locations.

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