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About Indoor Garden Enhancers

You might be asking yourself, what’s the difference between enhancers and supplements? While supplements focus on plant growth, enhancers are designed to focus on the flowering stage of a plant’s life cycle. By providing extra macronutrients, precursors to flavonoid and terpene development, and other proven formulas for floral success, plant enhancers turn lazy flowers into prize-winning blooms.

Indoor garden enhancers also have a special talent for protecting plants from disease or everyday wear and tear. These materials can stimulate seed growth and create healthy roots and beautiful blooms. You will love the difference this plant food can make on your garden's success.

HTG Supply carries boatloads of enhancers from all the leading nutrient brands, all tested and grower approved by our network of retail stores and thousands of happy customers. Shop today to find the enhancer to take your plants to the next flowering level.

How Do Different Enhancers Affect Your Plants?

Feeding your plants the best food gives them the boost of energy and nutrients they need to thrive. Enhancers get their name from the way they can improve your flowering stages with spectacular results.

The following soil enhancers offer unique benefits to your grow room. Here is how each additive can affect your plants for the better:

  • Bloom boosters: A quick and effective solution for weak blooms is a bloom booster. These enhancers create substantial and colorful results by feeding your plants macronutrients. Their natural ingredients can help your seeds through every part of the process.
  • Flower hardeners: Did you know you can increase flower density after they have bloomed? Flower hardeners are a specific enhancer meant to strengthen and add weight in the second half of a bud's growth. You can add these to your soil through compost teas, foliar sprays or top dressings.
  • Flushes: Flushes are common in hydroponic gardening to wash out the nutrients you used before the final flowering stage or harvest. They are beneficial for soil and hydroponic growing applications. With hydroponics, flushes help to get rid of harsh salts buildup both within your plants themselves and in your reusable grow mediums.
  • Organic enhancers: Organic plant food can create the same, if not better, results as their synthetic counterparts. By using natural ingredients and micronutrients, organic enhancers produce beautiful blooms.
  • Root boosters: Your plants' roots are the source of their strength and development. Root boosters expand their growth to promote healthy blooms in the flowering stage. You will have well-hydrated and well-fed seedlings with this enhancer.
  • Sweeteners: Sweeteners use natural sugars and amino acids to boost your plants' flavor and fragrance. These substances also provide better nutrition and faster flowering.

Enhance Your Grow Room With Plant Food From HTG Supply

You can change the way your plants bloom with an indoor garden enhancer. These additives help your grow room reach its full potential with the best ingredients and even better results. At HTG Supply, we have a range of products that can transform your garden.

Shop today to try our plant food for yourself or learn more about it from our information center. If you have questions, you can contact us online or visit one of our professional growers at a retail location near you.

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