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Advanced Nutrients Overdrive




Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients is used to help boost flowers. Overdrive can be used with hydroponic or soilless growing methods, making it more versatile. Overdrive is packed full of phosphorus and potassium sources, and promotes cell expansion to grow bigger, denser flowers and stronger plants.

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OVERDRIVE by Advance Nutrients
Use: Flower Booster. Can be used with HYDROPONIC and SOILESS growing methods
Complimentary Products: Compliments any Advanced Nutrient fertilizer program.


Overdrive is an ultra-premium flower booster with an extremely extensive and very complex array of phosphorus and potassium sources. Hormones and catalytic agents are added in order to pack on extra girth and weight that produce unparalleled flower and oil production during the critical last weeks of flowering when plants show the most sizable gains.

Overdrive Technical Info:

There are many situations when you’ll want to OVERDRIVE your crops to make them give you the biggest and best yield possible. That’s why Advanced Nutrients created OVERDRIVE, a premier late-season accelerator that can be used during the second half of crop cycles to increase yield of fruit, flowers, nuts, herbs, and other crops. Overdrive contains superior source complex versions of potassium, phosphorus, vitamins, and natural compounds that support crops during their ripening season. This formula is meant as a complement to your regular feeding program, and is so powerful that it will raise your ppm by approximately 200. If you’re facing hungry crops that aren’t satisfied with your normal feed program, a premature end to your growing season, or just want your prized crops to put out more of whatever they’re producing, Overdrive is the product you need. Our customers tell us that it makes their crops grow like mad, especially during the last two weeks before harvest!

Overdrive Mixing Instructions:

Directions: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING To be used in conjunction with your regular



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