Nectar for the Gods Herculean Harvest

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Herculean Harvest is a powerful formula, named for its namesake's strength, which increases calcium and phosphorus availability, boosting plant health, structure, and flavor. It promotes stronger cell walls, improves nutrient uptake, and even aids in removing excess salts from soil. Expect bigger, more vibrant flowers and fruits with the help of Herculean Harvest.  

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Nectar for the Gods Herculean Harvest

Hercules was known for his strength and power: a perfect name for a product that gives your plants just that.

Herculean Harvest increases the availability of calcium and phosphorus to your plants and soil, producing a wide range of benefits to plant health, structure, and flavor, contributing to a vigorous soil food web and improving accessibility of nutrients. The active ingredient in bone meal, calcium phosphate, helps to carry all nutrients to the plant, except for nitrogen and potassium. Calcium is essential for supplying plant growth energy in order to sustain life and growth and promotes solid stems through stronger cell development. Calcium also increases the cation exchange capacity of soils, making nutrients more available to microbial activity and ultimately to the plant.

The addition of Herculean Harvest to any nutrient line will increase size, aroma, and flavor of the plants’ fruit. It also aids in washing salt from a potting soil or soilless medium and can be used as part of a soil flush solution.


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