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Bio Vega by BIOCANNA is an organic OMRI listed nutrient that promotes optimal growth is plants. Bio Vega is to be used during the growth stage for vigorous root development and strong stalks. Bio Vega contains a mix of amino acids and betaine. Bio Vega ensures crops will reach their blooming period with a solid foundation.

  • 5 Liter (3-1-5)
  • OMRI listed growth nutrient
  • Encourages root development and strong stems

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Bio Vega has been specially developed for the plants’ growth phase. Bio Vega contains betaine and 17 detectable amino acids. The bioactive substances in Bio Vega stimulate the root development and the formation of strong growth shoots. This allows plants to optimally start their blooming period.

CANNA Bio Vega is a 100% organic plant nutrient, free of animal products, and entirely safe from pesky animal pathogenic organisms. Through the high concentration of bioactive substances,

BIOCANNA Bio Vega has been consistently efficient in the optimal stimulation of root development, as well as in the quick creation of strong and healthy growth shoots. Even the quickest growing plants benefit from this product, which serves as a catalyst to their blooming period, providing the desired results in a shorter amount of time. Particularly developed for the growth phase of the plant,

BIOCANNA Bio Vega releases its rich supply of the remarkably absorbent betaine nitrogen according to each particular plant’s needs. Bio Vega contain pH-buffering fruit acids, eliminating the need to acidify the nutritional solution. The presence of these fruit acids, which serve as natural chelates, not only increase nutrient availability to plants, but also widen the pH range (up to pH 7.0) across which these increased nutrients can be absorbed.

It is OMRI listed and thus verified for organic use according to NOP standard program. It is certified by Control Union Certifications for use in organic growing.


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