Lights Interaction E-Papillion 600w 400V Grow Light Fixture


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The E-Papillon 600w Grow Light Fixture maximizes light output while minimizing energy consumption. Experience a remarkable 5% energy savings compared to conventional fixtures, translating to significant reductions in your electricity bills. Patented reflectors with a staggering 95% yield ensure an even, penetrating beam of light reaches every part of your plants while minimizing heat buildup for optimal growing conditions. Lamp included with fixture.  

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Lights Interaction E-Papillion 600w Grow Light Fixture

Electronics and assimilation lighting are subjects that have been discussed for a long time.

So now there is a perfect solution. Papillon fittings with reliable Greenvision electronics from Philips: the E-Papillon.

The E-Papillon has many advantages compared with conventional fittings.

  • Basically, it comes down to the fact that with less energy, more growth light can be made.
  • Namely, the E-Papillon causes an energy saving of about 5%, so a substantial saving on your energy costs.
  • Also, more light comes out of the specially developed lamps. Together with a reflector yield of 92%, this means that the E-Papillon is the most energy-saving fitting that is available at the moment.

The open Reflector Concept Lights Interaction’s patented reflectors have a yield of 95% (measured in a laboratory certified by the British Standardisation Institute). Using a completely different production process, Lights Interaction is able to use a reflector material of a high surface density and ultra-high reflection capacity.
The reflector is designed to reduce the heating-up of the lamp to the minimum possible extent. As a result, there is a lower drop in the light output of the lamp in the course of its life.

In short, our reflector produces more light (light output of 95%- Light Output Ratio), a broader beam of growth light that penetrates deeper into the plant, and lower lamp luminosity rate thanks to a relatively low reflector temperature

The values achieved by these reflectors are as much as 10% higher than conventional reflectors, resulting in more PAR light to the canopy while trapping considerably less heat, which allows it to rise away from the canopy more efficiently.


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