CYCO pH 4.0 Calibration Solution – 1 Liter


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CYCO pH 4.0 is a calibration solution for use with pH meters. Inaccurate pH readings are often caused by improper storing of electrodes. This includes electrode contamination or leaving the electrode out to dry. Using CYCO pH 4.0 consistently will not only ensure accurate readings but will increase the lifespan of your pH meter over time.

  • Calibrates pH meters
  • Note: NEVER place electrode directly in bottle
  • Size: 1 liter bottle

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CYCO pH 4.0 Calibration Solution

The most common reasons for pH meter error are dry storage of the electrode and electrode contamination. These cause loss of accuracy, reduced performance, and slower response times.

Avoid placing pH electrodes in harsh chemicals especially those of high concentration or extreme pH e.g. pH Up. These can damage electrodes or increase the need for electrode maintenance.

Thoroughly clean the electrode after use and always store your pH meter with the cap firmly in place.

The frequency of meter calibration is crucial and will optimize your pH meter’s performance.

Directions for use:

Calibration Solution 4.0 & Calibration Solution 7.0:

Rinse the electrode in distilled water and gently shake off excess water. Immerse the electrode in calibration solution 7.0 for at least 2 minutes then adjust so the
meter reads 7.0. Finally, to ensure accuracy, repeat the procedure with calibration solution 4.0 adjusting so the meter reads 4.0.

To prevent contamination of this solution, decant a small portion into a small container and discard once used, never return unused solution or place electrodes in this bottle.

Never place electrodes in the bottle.


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