CYCO B1 Boost




B1 Boost by Cyco is an additive used to promote root growth and assist in new growth. B1 Boost is rich in B1 vitamins called thiamine. B1 Boost is meant to be used during the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. Because of its ability to increase root growth, B1 Boost is helpful with new cuttings and reducing stress and transplant shock.

  • (2-1-4) 
  • Promotes root growth and new growth
  • Rich in B1 vitamins
  • Reduces stress and transplant shock


plant growth. Used at higher concentrations in vegetative growth than flowering, B1 Boost contains high amounts of the natural vitamin B-1 also known as thiamine.

Thiamine is a natural hormone that is present in the plant, natural bacteria excrements, and native fungi. By providing a constant presence of thiamine, root growth is encouraged thereby allowing for healthy new growth. B1 Boost is also a strong source of pharmaceutical grade potassium. A necessary ingredient to plant growth enzymes, protein formation, and the translocation of sugars, potassium in B1 Boost allows for vibrant, healthy growth.

• Source Of Thiamine To Encourage Vibrant Plant Growth
• Aids In The Development Of New Cuttings
• Aids In Plant Resistance Against Environmental Stress
• Reduces Risk Of Transplant Shock
• Contains Potassium For Plant Growth Enzymes



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