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About Digital Greenhouse

Digital Greenhouse is a premium high quality brand of digital electronic ballasts. Digital Greenhouse ballasts are specifically designed and engineered for horticultural use, enabling you to maximize the output and efficiency of your HID grow lights. Many other ballasts available in other hydroponics stores are not designed for horticultural use, and instead are made for more commercial lighting applications. While these types of ballasts can be great from an energy-savings standpoint, they do so at the  expense of your light output!
Digital Greenhouse ballasts are whisper quiet, put off very low heat and come with a 5 year warranty (3 year complete warranty, and an additional 2 year pro-rated warranty). Many of Digital Greenhouse ballasts feature a ""smart chip"" that automatically adjusts to cater to both HPS grow lights and MH grow lights. Don't overpay for an inferior ballast, choose Digital Greenhouse ballasts and never look back!

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