Digital Greenhouse Dimmable 315w CMH Fixture

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The Digital Greenhouse 315 watt ceramic metal halide all in one dimmable fixture is a compact and lightweight unit that delivers the latest in ceramic grow light technology at a great price. The integrated or all-in-one CMH fixture style features a square-wave digital CMH ballast with a hood or reflector that is attached directly to the ballast housing. Also fitted with a PGZ18 base, the Digital Greenhouse 315 watt ceramic metal halide all in one fixture is fully compatible with popular CMH bulbs such as the Philips MasterColor.

  • Capable of being hung or surface-mounted, a simple design makes the Digital Greenhouse 315 watt ceramic metal halide dimmable all-in-one fixture an excellent option for a wide range of indoor growing applications.
  • Output can be reduced with 75% and 50% settings, or it can be raised to 110% for increased light intensity. A simple dimming selector switch allows adjustments to be made quickly as needed.

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DG 315 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide Dimmable Fixture

The Digital Greenhouse 315 watt ceramic metal halide all in one fixture provides a high-performing and economical CMH lighting solution for any indoor growing application. Featuring advanced square-wave ballast technology and a super-reflective 4-sided hood, the DG 315 watt CMH fixture operates specialty CMH bulbs with peak efficiency for maximum growth. Plug and play design that can be hung or surface mounted allows quick setup whether you’re installing in a grow tent or a large commercial space. Take advantage of all of the benefits of CMH lighting such as better efficiency and improved spectrum, and boost your harvests with the Digital Greenhouse all-in-one 315w CMH fixture!

DIMMABLE CONTROL – The Digital Greenhouse all in one 315 watt CMH is one of the first grow lights of its kind to offer the flexibility of dimming control. Dynamic lighting better serves dynamic plant growth, not only improving the growing environment but also reducing the impact on the environment as a whole. With 50%, 75%, 100%, and 110% settings, the DG 315 watt dimmable system provides the ability to properly adapt to growing conditions giving it a distinct advantage vs comparable lights in terms of efficiency and flexibility.

“Customize with the bulb of your choice, and add a timer or hangers—all at a discounted price with your complete grow light kit!„

Fixture Specs & Features (120-240v)

  • Measures (max): 17.875″L x 9.875″W x 10″H
  • Power draw: 355 watts / 3.07 amps @ 120v (max)
  • Dimmable Settings: 50%, 75%, 100%, 110%
  • Multi-volt:  operates on 120v or 240v power
  • Includes 10′ power cord with NEMA 5-15 grounded plug
  • Socket Type: PGZ18 (bi-pin)
  • For use with 315w CMH bulbs only
  • ETL listed
  • 2-year fixture warranty

* See fixture info for 277v commercial fixture specs


Q: CMH, CDM, LEC Grow Lights – What’s the difference?
A: Actually, these are all just different terms used for ceramic metal halide grow lights. Light-emitting-ceramic (LEC) is simply a manufacturer-specific line of ceramic metal halide (CMH) grow lights, while CMH is the general term for this type of light. Ceramic discharge metal halide, or CDM, is simply an extended term for CMH. To learn more about CMH including different types, benefits, and more, check out – The Grower’s Guide to CMH!



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